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Is your business at risk?

When human error or disaster strikes, your business is only as safe as your last true backup. Traditional backup services require scheduled downtime and use a software program that relies on past incremental backups to build the database. If one incremental of any previous backup fails, restoration will be a challenge.




What is the real cost of disruption?

How long can your business afford to be down while your IT team is in recovery mode? Even simple equipment failures or disruptions like loss of files, corrupt files, or accidental file deletions can stall your business, create unwanted expense and cost you sales.


Finally, data protection that is more than just a scheduled, system-wide backup. Poly BackUP is intelligent business continuity. This collection of critical services can help you avoid data loss and recover quickly in the event of a disaster. With PolyBackup you’ll have peace of mind never worrying when the last backup occurred or if your systems are protected.

PolyBackup provides:

Automated Assurance

This pre-disaster action keeps a watchful eye on changes in the data and infrastructure. No more worries about a failed backup, or failed restore. Our backups run while you work.

Continuous Protection

Your data is stored in a simple, continuous, non-dependent backup chain that allows recoveries from all data points. No more downtime from running scheduled backups or risk of one corrupt file ruining your restore.

Secure Storage / Instant Recovery

Your data is stored on our servers. If disaster strikes we can quickly restore your data from our Secure Data Center. You can now virtualize locally and offsite efficiently for minimal downtime.


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