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About Us

We put the power of technology in your hands.

Polylogical was formed by a group of IT managers and professionals who understand how overwhelming and time-consuming IT decisions and maintenance can be. Finding qualified IT professionals is a challenge and expensive. Keeping up with the demands of new technology is nearly impossible without the right budget.


Building network infrastructures for the future.

How are we different? Our focus is you, the operations manager. You understand it just makes good budgetary sense to hire out IT services. With Polylogical, you get state-of-the-art IT without the costs associated with it. We work with your budget and find solutions that make sense. We will never try to upsell you something you don’t need. We have a 6 step process to ensure the success of our partnership and allow you make informed decisions about what products and services truly help you reach your goals. Allowing Polylogical to take care of the day-to-day IT operations allows you to do what you do best- grow your business.

Our 6-step process:

Step 1: Understanding your requirements

Our first meeting with our clients is where we typically conduct an interview with the customer and complete a needs assessment. This is an opportunity for us to better understand what is working for you now and what areas of your system infrastructure could be improved. We will recap the requirements you have presented to us in preparation for one of our technicians to do a thorough assessment of your current systems.

Step 2: Site assessment

One of our trained technical support technicians will be on site to evaluate your systems in detail. This includes an analysis of your network, server(s), routers, computers, printers, and peripherals. They will create a detailed list of the make, model, and vendor as this is critical for compatibility considerations when preparing our recommendations to solve your IT concerns.

Step 3: Recommendations that meet your needs

Once the assessment is complete, we will develop a recommendation to meet your immediate concerns as well as any future growth considerations. These plans may involve a phased approach which helps us to gain early successes while working in consideration of your budget. A member of our sales team will present the recommendation to you and have an open dialog on fit and function of the recommendation. This is a working session that helps us finalize the support requirements that meet your needs.

Step 4: Implementing the plan

Your company will be assigned a lead technical support team member who works in conjunction with our Client Services Manager to ensure that we are implementing the plan outlined for your needs in a timely and competent manner. We pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our technical support team and their ability to listen to the customer and continue to serve as an IT confidant long after the initial implementation.

Step 5: Ongoing Support

Polylogical Solutions offers a variety of ongoing support options that can address the needs of both small companies as well as large corporations that are looking for added expertise to support their current in-house IT team. Our Client Services Manager is involved in the day-to-day ongoing support requirements of our customers and deploying support resources when needed. We provide both on-site and remote support services depending on the nature of the support concern. This flexibility enables us to respond quickly to a variety of customer support requirements. Our internal ticketing and tracking system ensures that no customer-reported concerns are falling through the cracks.

Step 6: Evaluation

Communication is key in any successful partnership. At Polylogical Solutions, we want to make sure we are meeting your service expectations and that you are receiving true value from our service offerings.


Our Client Service Manager will schedule periodic review sessions with you to assess the value you receive from our support services and to address any questions or concerns you may have. Of course, you don’t have to wait for a review session to have a conversation with our management team. We are always available for our customers. The periodic review meetings are just a more formal way to review benchmarks of our service.


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